Wednesday, 18 February 2015

IGPOTY Finalist

Last October I submitted 6 of my photographs to the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. I have never entered a competition before so I was soooo excited when, in early November, I got an email saying I was shortlisted! In January, I received another email saying that I had won a place in the category that I entered, either First, Second, Third or Finalist, Highly commended or Commended. I entered the "Portfolio" section of the competition where you had to send 6 images linked by one theme. I'm absolutely fascinated by seeds and flowers, what was first seed or flower, beautiful flowers growing from tiny seeds - everything to do with this subject so I'm extra happy to let you know that these pictures got me a Finalist Award! And that these images feature in this stunning book and now they go around the country as part of a beautiful exhibition.


  1. Congratulations, Eva ! So deserved !
    Your photos are beautiful and poetic !

  2. Vicza, ezútin is gratuálok! Ez fantasztikus - akárcsak a képeid, melyekből többet a könyveim lapjai között őrizgetek! :-)
    Baráti öleleéssel,
    Szűcs Ági

  3. Nagyon köszönöm, Ágicza! Sokpuszi!